Nina Simone #3 [rainy post at a sunny day]

I found this very interesseting video. I'm amazed to find it, because I love this song so much, and to photograph pepole under their umbrellas, from my window, at rainy days ...

"It was a dark depressing rainynight in NYC and I couldnt sleep It was 5am and took my camera out and photographed the dark nite and with nina on the radio it was an experience that totally changed my life spirituall life experiences You Know..." 1Harold4

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grenouille de bénitier disse...

Je ne connaissais pas cette chanson de Nina, et je l'aime beaucoup moi aussi.
Moi, c'est le soleil qui me déprime, il pleut partout sauf chez moi, pas une goutte de pluie depuis trop longtemps.

K.B. disse...

moi aussi j'aime la pluie