[...]13. explicar con palabras de este mundo
qui partió de mí un barco illevándome [...] (1)

(1) "Expliquer avec des mots de ce monde
qu'un bateau est parti de moi en m'emportant". Alejandra Pizarnik, Árbol de Diana




for Jon and Jill

Eyeing the grass for mushrooms, you will find
A stone or stain, a dandelion puff
Deceive your eyes—their colour is enough
To plump the image out to mushroom size
And lead you through illusion to a rind
That's true—flint, fleck or feather. With no haste
Scent-out the earthy musk, the firm moist white,
And, played-with rather than deluded, waste
None of the sleights of seeing: taste the sight
You gaze unsure of—a resemblance, too,
Is real and all its likes and links stay true
To the weft of seeing. You, to begin with,
May be taken in, taken beyond, that is,
This place of chiaroscuro that seemed clear,
For realer than a myth of clarities
Are the meanings that you read and are not there:
Soon, in the twilight coolness, you will come
To the circle that you seek and, one by one,
Stooping into their fragrance, break and gather,
Your way a winding where the rest lead on
Like stepping stones across a grass of water.

Charles Tomlinson, Selected Poems 1955-1997, New Directions Publishing Corporation, (1997) .




"Il se fait tard dans la vie et ce avant l’heure". Paul Celan