La Emboscada de Villamesías

On the road, 25 kms far from Trujillo, we glimpsed a nice old church ... however the village wasn't so attractive as we presumed ... ugly lamps and electrical cables ...

Iglesia Parroquial de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Plaza de España, Villamesías

Near Villamesías took place the most important armed confrontation in the province of Cáceres, during the first days of the Civil War: the well-known “battle of Villamesías”. Troops of the Alger Regiment, helped by the Civil Guard and Phalanges of Miajadas and Zorita, faced several columns of republicans commanded by the Ciudad Real Civil Governor. It was the most serious attempt to reconquer the province of Cáceres that the republicans intend during the first attacks of the conflict. The military services formed by workers and farmers, were decimated without compassion in an ambush at Cañada Mariagua. They demonstrated a fervent patriotic ardor, but lacking a minimum of adequate military preparation and fighting against professional troops, its defeat was resounding.

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